The morning started with the electricity of approaching nasty weather. You couldn’t tell by the looks of the Bay. A low misty fog on the south Ruston Shore, the water being flag almost glassy. Cyndi and I set the course. With the expected SSW winds we called it: start off Tyee at 1115, to the outflow buoy near the Lobster Shop on Ruston way, then to the Blair waterway mark, and back to Tyee to finish. The start went off with seven stalwart boats a light easterly. All Windseeker Class; no fly sails permitted. As promised the wind clocked around and started building. The leg from Ruston and Blair was windward in growing white caps. The final run required jibes to hit their laylines, all the skippers finished showing what singlehanding is all about.

Place Boat Skipper Finish Time
1 Something Special Cowling 12:33:02
2 Dyno Serex 12:36:29
3 Phoenix Stewart 12:37:14
4 Naughty by Nature St John 12:38:44
5 Special Purpose Wagner 12:40:47
6 Nemenis Haas 12:44:04
7 Second Wind Bethards 12:52:41

Nicely Done....

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