CYCT is the premier sailing club in the South Puget Sound. The club provides a fantastic blend of cruising and racing for boaters. Monthly cruises provide members and guests with great opportunities to have relaxed fun and talk about boating.

CYCT has reciprocal privileges throughout Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Canada that allow you the use of many inviting moorages.

CYCT's Racing Program offers the novice and experienced racer opportunities to enjoy short buoy racing or middle to long distance races. CYCT boasts the largest participation of any club in the south sound area and member boats participate in local, international, and Pacific and Atlantic Ocean races.

CYCT has a wide range of scheduled social events from the formal Commodore’s Ball held in January to a very informal Summer picnic. Monthly meetings with scheduled speakers allow members to meet, share dinner, and learn about their sport. In addition to scheduled events, there are many unscheduled events that naturally occur as CYCT friends get together throughout the year.


The Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma (CYCT) was founded in 1974.

The word "Corinthian" is taken in the sailing world to mean "amateur" and is derived from the Corinthian games in ancient Greece, which took place on the isthmus of Corinth, contemporary to the Olympic Games. The founders of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club (RCYC) in 1872 took note of these historical games and referenced them in naming their club.  This was to emphasize their desire that the members should helm their boats, rather than relying entirely on paid crew as was done at the other clubs of the time.

The General Rules of the RCYC, adopted in 1873, state the purpose of the club quite simply:

“The primary object of this Club shall be the encouragement of amateur yacht sailing”

- Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, 1873

The rules of the 1932 Olympic Games, later adopted by the RCYC, state that yachting participants are required to be Corinthian:

Corinthianism in yachting is that attribute which represents participation in sport as distinct from gain and which also involves the acquirement of nautical experience through the love of the sport rather than through necessity or the hope of gain.

Today, there are many yacht clubs around the world which incorporate the word, and the ideals of, “Corinthian” into their names.

Read more about our club history here.

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CYCT has a public Facebook page,  a private Facebook group for Members, and a Crew Finder Meetup Group