1. The first step to becoming a member of CYCT is to fill out the Online Membership Form. Please make sure you have a sponsor who is a current CYCT member!
  2. Your membership application will be reviewed by CYCT’s Board of Trustees after which you will be contacted and informed of the Board’s decision.
  3. If accepted as a member, you will be asked to attend the next General Meeting. At that meeting you will be introduced to the membership, inducted as a member, and given your membership card and CYCT burgee. We will also ask you to stand for a photograph to be published in The Mainsheet, CYCT's monthly newsletter.

Types of Membership

There are two types of membership available to new members, Active and Crew.

  • Active membership

Appropriate for individuals who own, or are part owners of, a sailboat and, using their boat, want to participate in racing and/or cruising with other CYCT members.

  • Crew membership

Appropriate for members who do not own a sailboat but who are planning to crew on another member's boat. Members with crew memberships are encouraged to participate in all club functions; however, they are not voting members, and they do not receive a CYCT burgee.

Membership Fees

Active Membership

New members seeking Active Membership pay an initiation fee of $100, plus applicable dues (prorated as outlined below). CYCT hosts an annual membership drive in April, May, and June when the initiation fee is waived!

The annual dues ($250.00) are prorated for new members according to the schedule below, with associated initiation fees due throughout the rest of the year.

Month Joining 




New Member


April, May, June




July, Aug, Sept




Oct, Nov, Dec




Jan, Feb, March




After their first year, active members pay dues of $250.00 annually, in April.

Crew Membership

New Members seeking Crew Membership pay $62.50 total. $62.50 is also a Crew Member's annual dues after the first year, paid in April.