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Other Clubs - How to Use CYCT's Reciprocal Moorage

CYCT's Reciprocal Moorage is available at Dock Street Marina (in front of the Glass Museum) on the Foss Waterway in downtown Tacoma.

Guest Moorage Reimbursement Arrangements for Dock Street Marina

Moorage is limited to 24 hours per month. If you plan to stay longer, please contact the CYCT Rear Commodore

You must fly your burgee while occupying reciprocal moorage.

Make your reservations with Dock Street Marina as you would any other marina in the area. Here is the contact information for Dock Street Marina.

Reciprocal yacht club members can reserve up to one night per month and two nights per calendar year.  Reimbursement will be paid at regular rates for boats up to 50 feet in length. There is no guarantee of slip availability. Reciprocal moorage will be limited to two slips per night.  Reciprocal moorage will be provided on a “first-come first-served” basis. Reservations can be made in advance.

A qualified guest should email the following to the treasurer for reimbursement of their moorage only:

  • Your name
  • A copy or photo of your paid receipt
  • A copy or photo of your current yacht club membership card
  • A current address

Power will not be reimbursed by CYCT. Please indicate your yacht club for our records.

Alternately, you may mail the above info to:

5624 Marine View Drive, Tacoma, WA  98422

For assistance, contact the CYCT Rear Commodore