Flying of Ensigns and Burgees

  1. Both the Ensign and the Club Burgee must be flying before leaving the marina for any CYCT cruise. The Club Burgee is flown from the starboard spreader. Failure to do so will result in the levying of a $1.00 fine per incident.
  2. The Club Burgee must be flown right side up. A fine of $2.00 will be levied per incident.
  3. The Ensign must be taken down by sunset. The Fleet Captain Cruising almanac reference shall be the official time used. Failure to do so will result in a $1.00 fine per incident.

The Shining Light Award

The Shining Light Award is bestowed upon deserving club members who have gone beyond the call of duty to help people in distress or for acts of kindness. Recipients are presented a colorful flag showing a lighthouse that would be flown under the CYCT burgee. Holders retain the flag until another member merits the award by a vote of the membership. In addition, a Shining Light Pin is given to recipients in recognition of their conduct beyond the call of duty.

Ruptured Chicken Award

Please keep in mind it is NOT the intent to embarrass any club member with this award – it is the humor of the incident. Also, please don’t let your fear of this keep you away from any of the cruises! If you’re lucky – no one will see any “goof up” anyway! We will give NEW club members a grace period of one year of becoming a member of CYCT. However, the new member may waive this grace period if they choose by informing the Commodore and/or Fleet Captain-Cruising

The rewarding of the Ruptured Chicken may occur when a CYCT member witnesses a humorous boating incident that is non-injurious or life-threatening during a CYCT cruise. This may only involve the captain and/or first mate of the vessel.

The witness (es) will make the incident known to the Fleet Captain-Cruising, at which time the witness (es) will present their evidence of the event in front of the attending members. The Fleet Captain-Cruising will then read the CYCT intent statement of this esteemed award and will preside over the accusations that could result in the changing of hands of the Ruptured Chicken. The prospective recipient will then have the opportunity to present their version of the event.

Each side may use up to 2 minutes to present their case! The attending members will then vote whether such action warrants the passing of the Ruptured Chicken to the new recipient.

As the recipient of the Ruptured Chicken Award, you are hereby required to:

  1. Have it in your possession and displayed at all CYCT cruises.
  2. Sound off the “Call of the Ruptured Chicken” when reasonably requested by a CYCT member, or when the ruptured chicken is not displayed.
  3. Pay a fine of $1.00 to the Cruising Kitty for each refusal of the above requirements.
  4. These requirements are in effect until you are pardoned and the Ruptured Chicken is awarded to another CYCT member.
  5. The decision of release will be by vote of the participating membership upon the occurrence of the next embarrassing/humorous incident during any CYCT cruise.

The maximum time any member will be expected to hold the Ruptured Chicken will be for 3 months. If there has been no incidences worthy of passing on the Ruptured Chicken, the current member may chose to return it to the current Fleet Captain- Cruising. They may also choose to waive this time limit.

The Fleet Captain- Cruising will hold the esteemed Ruptured Chicken until the next worthy incident. When members are given this esteemed award, it shows the true acceptance into CYCT’s cruising family as we laugh with you.

May You Never Have Chicken Ship On Your Decks Again!!