Race number 5 of this years Late Summer Series went off just fine without alot of wind. And as you can see from the Race Results we had just four boats finish in the allotted 90 minutes. What I find fascinating is the fact that the finishers came from each of the three PHRF classes and one Windseeker boat to round things out. For those Windseeker boats that hadn't yet rolled it up and motored home in the dark, we performed the historical Horned-On-Course finishing to seventeen boats found still bobbing about.
We also had the signature Commercial Traffic, no big deal early with deep-drafts coming and going from the Blair. It was later, in the dark, that was the challenge when the Henry Foss came out of the Hylebos with a very large fuel-barge headed for the Barge Lot with his unmovable heading aimed right for Romeo Charlie. Luckily we had our anchor already coming up and we moved Romeo Charlie out of the way shortening the finish line length for Grace E which finished with 13 seconds on the time-limit clock.
Now it's withdrawals. Bad enough the Sun is going away, but no Wednesday Evening Racing, It's going to be tough.We still have a few races to go in 2013 that just might help.
September 7th Windseekers Awards Race. A short-short distance race that stands on it's own merits. It's also part of and is the last race in the Three-Hour-Tour Series. Has a three hour time limit. Starts off the Tyee Marina and ends of the Rock-The-Dock Pub & Grille. We'll give out awards and have fun.
September 21st Point Beals a mid-distance race that starts off the Browns Point Lighthouse, goes to Point Beals and returns to Browns Point. Time Limit is 8 hours and has a distance of 23.2 NM. Open to PHRF boats and NFS Windseekers.
October 12th Sailors Memorial Singlehand a three hour time limit race with the course within Commencement Bay. This is a NFS race, raced Windseeker Style and our PHRF Fleet is encouraged to join in.
October 19th Command Point, the second race in the Point Series. Browns Point up Colvos to Command Point and return, 22.4 NM with a eight hour time limit.
October 26th Point Defiance, the third race in the Point Series. Browns Point sailing past Point Defiance to Gig Harbor, then Dash Point, then finish at Browns Point. 13.25 NM with a seven hour time-limit.
November 2nd Browns Point the last in the Point Series. Starts at Browns Point then sail to the Blair Buoy, then Point Neill then back to Browns Point for the end of lap one, then do it again. 17.6 NM and a seven hour time limit.
November 9th is Gig Harbors LaMans and December 7th is Winter Vashon.
Tentative date in 2014 for Windseekers Wednesdays is April 9th, no break for July 4th as Wednesday falls on the 2nd making the last race on August 20th.
Thanks for 2013,
Standings Late Summer Series Windseekers 2013
Billy Carter
Race Chair Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma
S/V Discovery
206-240-7886 cell

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