How to Update Your Member’s Site Password

Using the ‘Forgot Password’ form:

  1. Click on ‘Members’ in the top nav tool bar
  2. The login page will load and click on the 'forgot password' link just below the login button
  3. A page will load asking for your email address. Enter your email address and click the enter button
  4. An email will be sent to the email we have for you on file. This make take a bit of time but if you do not see it within the hour check your junk/spam folder in your email.
  5. Open the email and click on the link provided for you to reset your password.
  6. The link will take you to a reset page with a password already loaded into the box. Just click the okay button and you will be logged into the system.
  7. Next follow the directions below to change your password from your profile page inside the CYCT website to change your password to something you can remember.

To Change your Password on your Profile page:

  1. Navigate to your profile by Navigating to Members -> Your Profile
  2. Scroll down the page to the 'Account Management' section and click the orange 'Generate Password' button .
  3. The system will generate a new suggested password which will appear in the box.
  4. Using the back space button inside the box remove this suggestion and enter a password of your own choosing.
  5. Your password MUST be at least 8 characters and a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers
  6. Once your password is strong enough, verbiage beside the password you enter will let you know, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the orange 'Update Profile' button.