Command Point 2013

            Foggy, chilly with big things like freighters, tugs, barges and trees lurking in the bay set the tone for the 2013 Command Point Race. The fog lifted shortly before the start to above mast height, the chill never went away, the big things were a non issue and moderate wind persisted for most of the race. Beautiful conditions on a close reach in Dalco, then a beat all the way up Colvos to Command Point, back down Colvos in a moderate air run. It was Dalco passage on the return leg that made this race most interesting. In Dalco the currents can be difficult to predict and when the wind becomes fickle in direction and speed, spotty on the way, well unless you are really, really good, the element of luck can define the day.

Of the twenty-two boats that hit the start line all but three finished. It was reported that Ricochet got a little to close to the rocks while in extremely light air and took the better part of valor, started the motor and went home. Good call. San Peur radioed in to drop out. We surmised that their BBQ adventure had culminated in success. And finally Gallia radioed in stating they were fishing off the Clay Banks. Maybe they had better luck fishing.

As the RC sat anchored on finish line station in ten to fifteen knots of wind off the Browns Point Lighthouse, the table of pain, Dalco passage, was set before us. We could see it all, boats taking the same heading on opposing tacks, Boats straight up and down with a boat seemingly a hundred feet away on their ears and there is nothing like a good velocity header with the chute up sweeping nylon into the rig.

Line honors went to Constellation giving Ron and his crew, a division win. Kahuna which had close contact, sometimes the lead with Constellation for most of the race steamed across the line to capture second place. But fifteen seconds later Mike & Brad Jones aboard Sidewinder took line honors for Division B and corrected to first in fleet. I don’t think that Sidewinders results were based on luck. Another close finish existed between Les Chevaux Blanc and Radiant in division B with Les Chevaux Blanc leading the way to a second in PHRF B and Radiant taking a third.


The No Flying Sail Windseeker Fleet finished right on the heels of the PHRF fleet with Silver Breeze taking line honors over Blue Jay. Both Blue Jay and Silver Breeze placed first in their Windseeker Divisions. One thing of note, every boat that crossed the line had a crew with smiles and laughter and it doesn’t get any better than this.

Point Series Race 2 Command Point Oct 19th 2013

Billy Carter

Race Chair

Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma

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